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Pre-Order Heirloom Baby Quilts

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Pre-Order Heirloom Baby Quilts

When should they arrive?  This is a flash sale and will close on Wednesday 10/18 at 7:00pm CST.  I will place the order with the factory as soon as the pre-order closes.  They have a 15-25 business days production time and will be due to ship from the factory on or before 11/20.  Once they have shipped and cleared customs it normally takes 5-7 days transit to arrive to me.  We will inspect, count and sort them within 48 hours of them arriving and send out shipping invoices.  The incoming stock is limited all we have posted is all we will receive.  Order quickly for best selection.

Material: 100% Cotton
Size: 36" X 46"

~ Single Needle or Mutli Needle Friendly
~ HTV Friendly

The make great lap quilts for the elderly to use while sitting or in a wheelchair.  They are not just for babies.

Retails for $50- $125 most placed completed with embroidered name or birth announcement.

Note: ALL item's are sold blank unless noted!!! Colors may vary depending upon how your monitor is calibrated.  Please note that the white colors are an off white and not a bright white.  The whites on the solid white, pink/ white or blue/white may not match each other.  All whites come from different bolts of fabric and may vary slightly.    They are a Heirloom White color. 

Yes, you may use our photo's on your page to take order's. We do not allow our photo's to be shared with other groups or to be used on ISO post. Doing so can be cause for removal from the group.

~ Shipping is not included. You will receive a shipping invoice in email via PayPal once the item's are packaged.

***DO NOT ORDER WITH STOCK***  If you order with stock all item's will be held until all item's are received and ready to ship.