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Pre-Order Bunny Easter Buckets

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When should they arrive? The pre-order will close Friday (1/12/18) at 7:00pm CST. They have a 15-20 days production time and will be due to ship from the factory on or before 1/31/18. Once they have shipped and cleared customs it normally takes 5-7 days transit to arrive to me. We will inspect, count and sort them within 48 hours of them arriving and send out shipping invoices. The incoming stock is limited all we have posted is all we will receive. Order quickly for best selection.

Hippity Hoppity the Easter Bunny is on it's way!!!

Finished Measurements:
9" Height X 8" Diameter with a 17" Handle

Shipping: 1-2 baskets can go 1st Class, 3-5 Flat Envelope, 6-14 Med Flat Rate, 15- 20 Large Flat Rate

All Buckets are sold BLANK!  Please note the printed Lili Buckets will have the printed fabric and the bunny.  The natural colored bucket will have the bunny.  There will be no names or monograms included on the buckets.  That is jut ideas of how you can complete them with Embroidery or HTV. 

~ Shipping is not included. You will receive a shipping invoice in email via PayPal once the item's are packaged

***DO NOT ORDER WITH STOCK OR OTHER PRE-ORDERED ITEMS*** If you order with stock or other pre-order item's the order will be held until all item's are received and ready to ship.