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Camo 30oz Tumbler

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Custom Sublimation Wrapped Camo Print Stainless Steel 30oz Tumblers

Features: 30 ounce Custom Sublimation Wrapped Double Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

Includes: Slider Lid

HAND WASH ONLY! Both the cup and the lid! NOT Dishwasher safe.

Please note these tumblers are not branded, they do not come with any warranty. We have tested them and they do hold ice up to 12-24 hours in some cases 36 hours. Hot beverages have been tested for 8-10 hours. Please make sure you inspect the cups and lids upon arrival. Please notify us within 48 hours or receipt of any issues. Otherwise no refund or exchanges will be honored. HAND WASH ONLY! Both the cup and the lid! Not Dishwasher safe.

NOTE: ALL ITEM'S ARE SOLD BLANK. Colors may vary depending upon how your monitor is calibrated and lighting of photo.

Yes, you may use our photos to take Order's on your page. Please watermark them with you company name or logo. Please do not share our photo's with other groups doing so can be cause for instant removal from the group no questions asked.

HAND WASH ONLY! Both the cup and the lid! Not Dishwasher safe.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Tumblers are Custom Sublimation Wrapped? What does that mean? It means that there will be normal lines on the bottom of the tumbler where Sublimation Wrap meets as well as a line on the back of the cup. (See Photos marked Bottom and Back of the Leopard Print Tumbler.  I will have photo's of the Camo later tonight). This is normal and is not manufactured defective. Please do not purchase these Tumblers if the lines are not acceptable as there will be no refunds or exchanges for those reasons.