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Druzy Earrings

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Druzy Earrings

Vibrant & Sparkly cabochons set in round earring trays.

➳ ➳ This is NOT real Druzy, however this faux version is a great & just as gorgeous alternative!

~~~Some colors are offered in both Silver or Gold Earring Trays.  Please see 2nd photo and order by color code listed on that photo.  When order we will list the color code/ silver or gold. (Example:  ZY-06/ Silver means it will be color ZY-06 with a silver plated tray back.  ZY-06/ Gold would be with a gold plated tray back).

12mm Cabochons Faux Druzy Stones (Use photo #2 for color options)
Silver Plated or Gold Plated Earring Trays (Example photo #3)
Silver Plated or Gold Plated Backing (Backing will match Tray color see example photo #4)



Earrings are silver or gold plated "Zinc Alloy" metal.  All Earrings are lead and nickel free for sensitive ears.  We do not suggest sleeping in the earrings or wearing them for longer periods of time if you do have sensitive ears. 

Avoid contact with water! It may cause the settings/components to change color.  However you should not shower nor swim in our jewelry. 

Earrings do not come on earring cards.  The photo of the Aria Grace cards are business cards they are attached to.  Please do not use that photo for advertising as its only an example of how you can use the business cards to get the final look.

ALL item's are sold blank unless noted!!! Colors may vary depending upon how your monitor is calibrated.

Yes, you may use our photo's on your page to take pre-order's. Item's are on the website are first come, first serve. We do not allow our photo's to be shared with other groups or to be used on ISO post. Doing so can be cause for removal from the group.