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iPhone/ Android Keychain Chargers

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iPhone/ Android Keychain Charger

Highly convenient charge and sync cable adorned with aluminum tips and faux leather tassels.  Stylish charger cable designed as a key fob sports a fringed look and will effectively connect all your gadgets.
  • Faux Leather Tassels
  • Key ring diameter, about 1"
  • Length, about 6"
  • Full speed charge and sync for iPod, iPad and iPhone & Androids
  • Imported

Retail Value:  $16.99- $25.99

NOTE: ALL ITEM'S ARE SOLD BLANK. Item's with embroidery designs or monograms are only samples of how you can complete the look with either an embroidery machine or using HTV. Not all item's can be embroidered or HTV.  Charges are not branded. 

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