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Lisa PU Shoulder Strap Tote

18 USD

Lisa PU Shoulder Strap Tote

Colors: Light Brown, Red, Black, Grey

 ~ Measures: 12.20" X 10.24" X 4.33"
~ Materials: Faux Leather, Fabric Interior
~ Open Side Pockets on each side of Tote
~ Zipper Middle Pocket- inside of middle pocket is a cellphone pocket and a zipper pocket
~ Multi Needle Fast Frame Friendly

***Single Needle Ladies could make a patch and attach the patch with E6000 glue.  We would not recommend this purse for Single Needle users to try to embroidery directly to the purse due to the inside pocket.

ALL item's are sold blank unless noted!!! Colors may vary depending upon how your monitor is calibrated.

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Should retail with a monogram for $38- $55

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