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Mosquito Stickers


$5 for 25 sheets of stickers (each pack has 6 stickers on 1 sheet) total of 150 stickers

What are Mosquito Stickers?   Besides amazing...they are made from essential oils and non woven fabric.  Mosquito stickers help repel mosquitos.

DO NOT apply directly to skin. Once the package (of 6 stickers) is opened, they are normally good for up to 72 hours.

Unopened, they have a shelf life of 56-72 months. Each sheet is individually sealed.

How do these work? Do you just place on clothes? About how many stickers are needed to keep mosquitos away?
We put one sticker on the back of our kiddos shirt and shorts. If you are a mosquito magnet like my daughter we do 2 on shirts and 2 on her shorts. We put 2-3 on adults.

***Special Note:  Each package of stickers will be a random selection of colors. 

A. Do not directly affixed to the skin.
B. This product is for external use, none edible, if placed on infants and young children please make sure they do not have access to pull the stickers off.  If they accidentally touch the mouth or eyes, wash with water.
C. The product is volatile nano-anti-mosquito oil element, do not place in the sun, or high-temperature preservation.
D. Single package easy to use and should be used immediately after unpacking may last up to 72 hours.