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Quatrefoil Cord Wraps

2.25 USD
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Exclusive Quatrefoil Cord Wraps.

Perfect accessory to keep phone cords, electrical cords or head phones all nice and neat. Keeps cords from dangling when you are taking something in for service or packing for a trip.

~ HTV, Single Needle or Multi Needle Friendly

Measures: 3.5" Long X 1" Wide

Fabric: Cotton Quatrefoil

Features: Plastic Snap to keep them secret

So many uses:

~ Cell Phone Charging Cords

~ Straightener or Curling Iron Cords

~ Sewing Machine Cords when you are taking them in for service.

~ Head Phones

~ Perfect to wrap around the top of the arms of sports shirts

>>Please note this listing is for the piece of fabric only that is wrapped around the charging cords in the photos. The cell phones, phone cover. charging cords and baby monitor is not included in the purchase of the phone wraps.<<

We do not recommend you using a heat press to apply HTV to the cord wrap. Samples of the cord wraps with HTV on them all where applied using a regular hair straightener.