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Quatrefoil Pocket Totes

10.25 USD8 USD
Pocket Totes:
~Measures: 9" X 9" X 9"
~Micro Fiber
Double handles
~Large Side Pockets on each Side
~3 Pockets on Front & Back
~Single Needle Friendly
~Multi Needle Friendly
~HTV Friendly

Quatrefoil Colors:
Blue, Purple, Aqua, Green, Black & Hot Pink

The make great Utility Totes and Garden Totes.

They will work great for Teachers, Nurses, Gardening, Scrapbooking, Kids Craft Caddy/ Storage, Shower Caddy for College Students, Infant Diaper Storage, Beach, Pool and Car!!! There is tons of uses!!! I do have a sample in hand and they are amazing!